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A4400 LED cabinet light with IR sensor

Under cabinet light 
1.600mm and 900mm two standard lengths, other lengths upon request. 
2.SMD2835 lamp bead, Warm white/Cool white for choose. 
3.Hand shaking sensor switch

A2800 Motion sensor led cabinet light design for furniture corner

1. Design for Corner   
2.Small space needs
3.Length adjustable
4.Motion sensor/hand shaking sensor switches optional 

A2700 handle-free led cabinet led light with double shining

1. Shining from upwards and downwards
2.Touching/dimmable touching/hand shaking sensor 
3.Hand free design 

A2600 Dimmable led under cabinet lights

1. Shining from upwards and downwards
2. Touching/Dimmable touching /hand shaking sensor 
3.Recessed mount,Can be installed in the closet of vertical risers. 

A2400 Decorative led cabinet lighting

1.  Length can be customized
2. Warm white/cool white 
3.Super easy install
4.Suitable for edge decoration
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