New design Artcilux LED puck light

Led puck light

Led puck light is widely used on furniture and cabinet lightings because they are easily to install and the price is also very competitive. 

Right now, Artcilux lighting have many types of led puck lighting, including Round led puck light, Square led puck lighting, and High power led puck light. What’s more, There are different housing color for your choice too. Such as white, black, silver, chrome, and other cutom-made colors.

As for the installation, That is the exact another point to make them popular, Artcilux led puck light can be used both Recessed and surfaced two mounting way. But you only need to pay only one item. Recessed item need to make a hole of 55mm, and surfaced mounting are screwed directly on the surface of panel.

In order to meet different lighting control requirements, you can connect different sensor switches too. For example, If you want the puck light dimmable, We can use our S1004 Dimmer touch sensor to realize this kind of function, If you want them to automatically on/off as people come and left, you can use our S1006 Motion sensor too. Different sensors can be used different application based on your needs.


Beside all features we mentioned just now, There are also different led colors and Lens choice for you. Welcome to visit our website: www.artcilux.comor Contact us directly nikkil@artcilux.comfor more information.

 Thanks very much for reading!