The wire length of A1310 led puck light


A1310 led puck light, which use just 1PCS high power led, up to 80lm.

The 1W LED Puck Light is an attractive, simple option for under-cabinet light/inside cabinet light . It provides task lighting in any room and consumes only a small amount of energy (1Watt), a fraction of what a halogen puck would consume. Easy to install(recessed mount), our LED puck lights are ideal for confined spaces, including under counter, cabinet, window, closet, or virtually anywhere else they can be mounted!


Sleek, sturdy , beautiful machined aluminum

Gives off very little heat

Manufactured without the use of toxic materials

Brand New and Good Quality.

Shock and vibration resistant

Beam Angle:30 Degree , Perfet for your cabinet.

Power: 1(W)

Voltage: 85-240(V)



under cabinet lighting, down lighting, display lighting, accent lighting, art lighting and so on. It's best choice for under cabinet lighting.

There are 2 options for you.

If you do not need our drivers ,you must have a 310-350mA led driver in your hand .

If you need our driver ,we will give you one set ,with plug ,driver ,switch .

About the wire length of A1310

The wire length from the light to the plug is 3.5M.

The picture above shows the distance of every parts .

The distance :

The plug-----the switch:70cm

The switch----the driver :68cm

The driver -----the junction:1M

The junction---the light body:1M

If you think the distance is too long ,just tell us which length you need ,we can cut it for you ,

Thanks and best regards ,