About the memory function of S1004 touch dimmer switch

About the memory function of S1004 touch dimmer switch

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Operating voltage: DC12V / 50Hz~60Hz.

Rated load: 20W/60W

Warranty:2 years

Key features: 

* touch the button to control the light On/ off

* Continue to touch the button; the light will become much brighter;

* Continue to touch the button, the light will become weaker.

* With mini shape , very sensitive .

* With Memory function.

 So what is the memory function?

The following is the questions from my customer.

Q1:Please confirm "memory" effect. If dimmed and power outage, when power is restored is dim still remembered?

Q2: Not just turn it off but remove power completely. In case of a blackout power outage. Will it memory from full power off?

Q3: has memory function? I mean, if works example on 50% and turned off

after back, then it is works again on same setting? this was my question

we produce led lighting for aquarium tanks, and people use usually timer switch,so with that they lose the setting

Answer: when the power outage, after it on, the light will back to max brightness.If the power is normal state, the lights memory function can work .it will back to the brightness you off last time.

So let us test what is the memory function ?

Step one,arrange one light (12V,within 20W) ,one driver .S1004 1 pcs

Connect them : driver + S1004 dimmer switch +led light

Step Two; hold the wire ,use your finger to touch the switch

Then the light will be on .touch again ,the light will be off .

Step three:Continue to touch the button, the light will become much brighter or weaker;Then you make the switch off .

Step four:Then touch again to make the switch on ,the light is still the brightness when you make the switch off.

For more information, pls feel free to ask me ,

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