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A3371 details data 
Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Super Bright 25 LED Battery Powered Cabinet Light

 A3371 is a multi purposed led light with lithium rechargeable battery.Using passive infrared(PIR) technology to sense human motion(within 1-1.5M) by accepting the body’s radiant heat. It will turn off when people leave after 30 senconds.A3371 hasa purple light sterilization function. This light has three settings on/off/auto mode. It is activated by human motion both day and night so that it works as supplement light for your under closet & cabinet&other furnitures.
A3371 Specification as follows               
Item NO  A3371
 Sensitivity Distance  3M-5 Meters
 Sensor range  90 degrees 
 Light color   cool white/Warm white/Natural white
 Lamp color   Matt white/Matt black/Bright white/Bright black/Bronze/Silver/Wood 
Three setting modes  ON/OFF/AUTO
Material   ASB (Fireproof)
Sensor switch   Motion sensor( PIR) 
 Packing   One product/One polybag/Inner brown box/White box 
 Weight   0.21KG/PC 
Photo 1  The details of this style looking image              

Photo 1  The details of this style looking image 

Photo 2    When it is in the Auto mode, it will have 15 LED beads bright

Photo 3 When we turn into "Always on" Mode, it will have 25 LED beads bright .

Remark: A3371 this style has another additional fuction. It has sterilization and disinfection for the lamp by UV light. 

A3371 has easy installation way , it is good for you to make instruction for your customer.  It has rechargeable battery inside and no need the hard wired for the power when you use it. We have seven colors for your choice.

Seven colors: silver/ wood/matt black/matt white/champagne /bright white/bright black

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