How to choose high quality Puck light ?

How to choose high quality Puck light ?  

LED puck ight is one kind common cabinet light.

It's small,easy install,low cost.

Now on the China market has so many puck lights. How to chooes high quality puck light?

Here have four steps may can help you to make decision.

Step one: you should know which shape you need? Round or square ?

Step two: which installation you prefer?

Way 1) Recess mount : advangtage: there is no space between cabinet board and light.

                                      disadvantage: need open one 55mm diameter hole on the board.

Way2) Surface mount : advantage: easy to install, only need two screws can sixed it.

                                      disadvantage : you can see the light body clearly

Step three: What's material you like ? the most popular material is plastic and aluminum

                   you can make choice based on your cabinet design

Step Four : Which housing color you should choose?

Most designers will choose the puck light color according to their cabinet color.

White---- Sliver----- Chrome ----- black

One in word , whatever lights you purchase,should considering your cabinet design.

                                                                                                                                     Coco Tang