About the light sensor of A3371

A3371 rechargeable led cabinet light / led wardrobe light / wireless led cabinet light / led wardrobe light with rechargeable battery

About the light sensor

Light sensor : it is only works when the light is auto mode ,it is to sense bright condition..

When the surrounding is bright ,the light will not turns on ,when the light is in the darkness ,the light will automatically turns on .


So when the surrounding is birght ,how we test the light ?

Just hold the light for some minutes ,use the hand to cover the light-senstive element .

Just like the following ,then the light will be on .

About the purple leds

Normal: A3371 led cabinet light is with light sensor and purple leds .

What is purple leds ?

In fact it is designed for Sterilization in the closet.

When in ON mode ,you can see 2 line leds .

The above is normal leds , the below is purple leds .

In auto , the light will only turn on the above leds-normal leds .

Because this is designed by ourselves ,so if you need any change ,we can do it for you .

You can choose :


1, whether you need purple leds .if you do not need it , we will change it to normal leds .

2 , whether you need light sensor ,if you do not need it ,we will remove it .

3 , you can choose when in the auto mode ,all the leds is bright or just the above leds is bright


For more questions , pls just feel free to contact me .

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