A3371-Battery led cabinet light

A3371 Battery led cabinet light

 There are many advantages when using LED lighting fixtures in your home such as efficiency, price, and lifetime of the product. A3371 Battery led cabinet light is just the ideal lighting for cabinet and home lightings.This battery cabinet lights can not only provide accent lighting in kitchen cabinet, but also it is useful to be a flashlight to avoid the sudden power off.

 2000mAH battery capacity is enough to use at least 3 months if we use 5-6 times per day. Motion sensor and Photo sensor two sensors of this battery cabinet light even realize intelligent control of on/off according to surrounding lighting strengths. Imagine when you want to have a drink during night, this battery cabinet light automatically turn on when you close to the kitchen, and it will automatically off when you just arrived at bedroom. Convenient and easy to control!

Different people have different tastes on color choices, Thisbattery cabinet light provide so many colors for your selection. Wood color is perfect for solid wood cabinet, and Silver and white colors is much loved by MDF cabinet users. But I choose the bronzed color of this battery cabinet light, But it is just our Chinese people’s favorite colors.

The other reason for me to like this battery cabinet light is that it is so easy to charge. It is the same charging way with my cell phone. Green led indicator showed that this battery cabinet light have finished the charging. For a person just like me, How I want all of electrics use one charger to charging!

By the way, The last additional function of battery cabinet light is UV led, It have the unique function of surface disinfection. One or two months’ time, Just open ON-Mode, and last about 10 mins. It will kill some of bacteria in your wardrobe too.

Thanks very much for your reading!