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A3170(A3100) Details  data

A3170 Wardrobe Light picture 

The name :  Wardrobe hanging rail with led lights and motion sensor

Key words;LED wardrobe light/LED Wardrobe lighting/ LED rechargeable wardrobe light

LED Battery wardrobe lighting/ Aluminum LED wardrobe lighting /motion sensor

LED Wardrobe lights

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A3170 Wardrobe light provides powerful illumination of wardrobe. This light is clipped into the end cap and screwed onto the side panels of the cabinet. The lamp will light when people come and will turn off when people go away after 15-30 seconds.(Sensing distance is 1-5 meters)

Seven Advantages of this light

1.A3100 motion sensor led wardrobe rail light  can customize size according to your cabinet featuresWITHOUT adding any cost.

2.Motion sensor switches can automatically make the light on/off as people come and left.

3.Battery and Adapter two choice based on your needs.

4.Lithium battery can recharge more than 500 times, Life Span up to 15 Years!

5.Bearing weight up to 30KG, Strong and Elegant!

6.There has the anti-skid in the Aluminum, it is good for you to hang your stuffs

7.You can feel free to choose warm white/Cool white and Natural white.

A3100- small business ideas Battery/Adapter infrared led bar , motion sensor led wardrobe rail lightwith sensing distance 5M

Necessary Details you need to pay attention:

a. Material choice: Solid wood/Aluminium profile

b.Sensor switch: Motion sensor/PIR sensor/Movement sensor/Human body sensor

c. Power supply: Lithium battery operated/12V Power supply, led driver

d. Mounting Way: Screws/Surfaced----Application place:  Side/Top panel place

e. Length: Customized size. Other Usual size: 564/764/864/964/1164mm. The Maximum size is 3Meters, You can also cut by yourself.

f. Bearing weight: Maximium 30KG per meter

g.Light size:L900MMXW30MMXH15MM(Length can be adjusted)

The difference of A3170 Wardrode LED adapter and rechargeable battery

photo 2

photo 3 A3371 light in the wardrobe. The light looks very comfortable.

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