A4000 under cabinet light

Kitchen with cabinet light

A4000 led under cabinet light with hand waving sensor switch

As we know the kitchen design is different from old times.

At present, more and more people (especially young people) cinsider use led cabinet light in their kitchen when make decoration of their new house.

artcilux lighting is a manufacturer only focus on led cabinet light for years.

A4400 is just a small led light design for kitchen cabinet.

Here we want to show you show you how beautiful after the kitchen with cabinet light.

The next one is one kitchen with our cabinet light from long distance to see

Now let we talk closer

This cabinet higt just install under cabinet, when it on makes this kitchen warm.

One more thing you should know is that this led light with hand waving sensor switch.

It means when you want turn off this led light youcan wave your hand below the sensor softly.

It will off immediately. No need to find the power suppy to turn off it.

Also this led ligt built in blue indicator light makes you find the light easier during night

If you want creat modern feeling in you kitchen, you can install one line under cabinet light.

It can update your taste with small cost.

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