How to choose our puck light ?

How to choose our puck light ?

For better understanding when you want purchase puck light you should consider blew questions:

1: Which shape you want choose ? Round or square?

2: Which housing color you should consider? Grey , white , black , chrome?

3: Which cover you prefer? PC or acrlicy ?

4: Which installation way you like ? Recess or surface mount ?

One :   A1110 / A1120    Round plastic puck light

Two:   A1210/A1220    Sqaure plastic puck light

Commons:  Voltage : DC 12V , Wattage:1.08W  SMD3020 18pcs

Two Advantages of this round shape cabinet light

1)There are 4 colors for your choice.

2)Two kinds of cover to choose, one is plastic and another one is acrylic.

3) Two kinds of install way for choice, recess or surface mount

Four colors picture Showing

A1110  Recess round cabinet light

                         Chrome                         Grey                              Black                            White

                                    White                           Grey                       Chrome                       Black                            

A1220 Surface square puck light  (Add one base cover compare with A1210)

A1210 Recess square puck light

Two kinds of cover :PC(Right) and  Acrylic (Left)

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