Introduction and application of A3371

Introduction and application of A3371

A3371 is a latest multi-functional cabinet led lights, which is designed exclusively by ARTCILUX lighting with the patent No. 201530036144.8. A3371 is widely used on Kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, shelf, and other furniture.

Since we developed the final testing of this item the end of last year-2014, A3371 has already sold to many places in the world, Such as European, Asia area, America, etc. In order that you can know this items better, we are honor to introduce details for your reference.

First Impression- Triangle shape

  1. Mini size: ONLY about 20cm.
  2. Many Colors for housing Choice, Whatever color you needed, we customized it for you.

            Right now, the standard colors are Silver/White/Black/Bronze/Wood, etc.

Second impression- Functions

Three lighting Modes:  Always ON- OFF- AUTO(Sensor switches)

  1. Always ON- The light will be ON all the time, Continuous working time is about 6 hours.
  2. AUTO(Sensor switch) Choice one- Two Sensors(Light sensor/Motion sensor)
  3. AUTO(Sensor switch) Choice Two- ONLY motion sensor 
  4. UV LED in ON position: UV led can realize the function of Sterilization and disinfection.
  5. Lithium rechargeable battery, make it free without wiring problems!

Light sensor: The light will stop working during daylights until the night is coming.

Motion sensor: The light will automatically work as people come close to the light, Sensing distance is within 3 meters.

Third impression- Application Place

Application place: Kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, shelf and other furniture

Mounting way: Screw installation on the surface of wood panel.

Package and Other attentions:

  1. Color box and Natural box for your choice

    Attention to Charging:

    1. Charging Way: With the same charging as Cell phone, Mini USB to recharging the lights.
    2. Charging Time: About 4 hours
    3. Charging LED indicator light: Small led will change from Red to Green with full charging.