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A2CC1 D series Board line

This board line is a multi-functional LED light, It can be used in many occasion. The lamp can install in the front of the wooden shelves. It also can mount in the front side in the lower board of the hanging cabinet. Tilting circuit board makes the light not be too harsh. It could be used IR sensor switch (door trigger).

Item No.             A2CC1

Operating voltage      12v

Length(mm)           450/600/900

Width(mm)            22

Height(mm)           22

Light colour(K)         暖白、冷白

Wattage(W)           ≤60

Number of LED         45/63/99

Light emission angle     120°

Light out (lumen)        450/630/990

Finish                 High quality aluminium

Packing                1

Cable length            1500mm

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