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A3170led closet light wardrobe light
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A3100 led closet light wardrobe light

A3100 Ward line provides powerful illumination for wardrobe. The light is clipped into end cap that screwed onto the side panels of the cabinet. With two kinds of power supply(battery/plug-in), The motion sensor switches the light automatically on and off when people near or leave. It will be off after people left 30 seconds. You can hang your closet on the light directly. The max weight of the light is 30KG .

Item No. A3170 A3370
Opering voltage AdapterDC12V Battery3.7V
Wattage(W) 4.08/5.52/8.4 0.36/0.72/1.08
Length(mm) 450/600/900
CCT Warm white/ cool white
LED type SMD3014(120PCS/m) SMD2384(20PCS/m)
Finish Aluminum
Packing 2
Cable length 1500